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Welcome to Tich Touch Ltd
The Greater London and Home Counties consultants, designers, suppliers and installers of Automatic Irrigation Systems, Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Grey Water Recycling Systems. more here:
About our irrigation systems:

We are in the middle of that time of the year, when all irrigation must of necessity be drained and and compressed air run through the system to ensure frost damage is prevented, call us even if you are not a scheduled existing customer, we will do the necessary to keep your system going well into the future.
About our irrigation systems
Our Tichmatic Automatic Irrigation Systems and rainwater harvesting systems, are uniquely prepackaged professional automatic ....
Addressesing UN General Assembly on sustainability
Recently our Managing Director Mr Tich Mutyambiz was in a panel that was discussing sustainable development and his focus was on solar energy and irrigation systems in Africa, these are his closing remarks summarizing his input
Packaged Systems for the landscaper
We have designed four unique packaged automatic irrigation systems for the landscapers based on average standard....
Trusted by the top end of our society
London and home counties top end rely on Tich Touch to design their irrigation systems to complement their high value Landscaped estates, we take great pleasure in their satisfaction.
Current Projects:
These are some of the main projects we are currently doing in line with  the Code for Sustainable Homes, and our mission to provide water conservation and sustainable automatic irrigation systems through rainwater harvesting, all our new build systems have as their main components RWHS as the main supply for our top technology automatic irrigation systems.
Jairos Jiri UKS launch
The Tich Touch Ltd backed Jairos Jiri Association UKS charity  was successfully launched on the fourteenth of December. Please join the trustees of this worthy cause 
New projects
We are featuring two new projects with similar outcomes but different specifications.....
Tichmatic Systems Zimbabwe
It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful registration of Tich Touch Ltd's Zimbabwe and SADC operations in September 2013. Tich Touch Ltd will operate in Zimbabwe using our irrigation systems brand name Tichmatic Private Ltd. This will be a SADC wide focus...
Switching to drip